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Caregivers Poem : Treat Yourself with Care, November 2020

Fulfilling a promise, toiling through thin and thick. Commitments abounding to family, friends, work and all. No time to smell roses or savor the sunset.   Feelings suppressed, from dreams unfulfilled, Intimacy shattered and memories erased, friendships faded and love encaged.   Release yourself from frustration and anger. Release yourself from the burden of guilt! […]

Thank you for caregiving – Caregiver Recognition November 2020

When someone takes the time to listen, When someone reaches out, When someone does thoughtful thing That makes you warm throughout. When someone lends a helping hand, Finds ways in which to share When someone makes you feel secure, By always being there. When someone senses there are times When you have specials needs, When […]


Caregiving without Exhaustion Workshop Instructor – Debbie is inspirational!  She is a professional and caring person who made me feel at ease speaking about personal and sensitive subjects She was always well prepared and I believe she is a true subject matter expert! Content – All the modules were clear and relative to my situation. The chapters […]

Testimonials from members of our team

Testimonial from a summer student  Enrichment, fulfillment and discovery are the words that come to mind when I think of the summer I spent with Les Aidants Naturels du Haut-Saint-Laurent. From my first day with my new team, I felt welcomed and appreciated. During my eight weeks at work, I made incredible connections with my […]

Being a caregiver: Every journey is unique

Embarking on the caregiver’s journey is an experience that can come with unimaginable hardships. The caregiver undergoes many transitions, ranging from the onset of the loved one’s illness, the shock of the diagnosis, understanding the disease, and then taking the necessary steps to care for them. The role of the caregiver is one of exploration […]

The Caregivers Journey : Being a caregiver without realizing it

Why is it so difficult to identify ourselves as family caregivers when it is the intuitive thing to do for a loved one? Compassion, empathy and being of service come naturally to those with a strong sense of family and community. Whether it be a parent, a spouse or a close friend that is declining […]